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Why should you study in Bangladesh University of professionals?

What is the history of this university?

Why did the government need to establish a university for the armed forces? The answer is simple: there was a long-felt need for it. As the nation’s military becomes more and more advanced, it requires educational facilities that can keep up with its advancements in technology, engineering, and health care. A university that could provide education on these subjects to members of the armed forces could help them lead more productive lives—and that means a more productive country overall.

In order to fulfill this need, it was necessary to bring together all of the armed forces’ educational facilities under one umbrella organization. By creating the Bangladesh University of Professionals, the government has created an efficient system whereby they can teach the armed forces everything they need to know in order to run their operations efficiently. This way, officials of the military will be able to continue developing strategies in their war against terror at home and abroad.

BUP promises to uphold its motto “Excellence Through Knowledge” as it continues to grow over time and develop new programs for its students and faculty alike.

What is the mission of this university?

The mission of this university is to develop the civil and military human capital through advanced education and research to respond to the knowledge-based society of the contemporary world.

To fulfill this mission, they have established several core goals:

  1. Conducting research that solves problems for both the country and the global community.
  2. Cultivating students who have a world view and are ready for entry into the workforce upon graduation.
  3. Establishing a teamwork culture where students, staff, and faculty work together to solve problems in an innovative manner.

What does the campus have?

The Bangladesh University of Professionals is located in the capital city, Dhaka. The University is situated in Bashundhara Residential Area, a neighbourhood in North Dhaka. The University is located few minutes away from the National Museum and the Central Public Library. It is also near to the National Mosque, the National Parade Ground and the Ramna Park.

The University has two libraries – one main library with a collection of over 40,000 books and journals and another smaller library with a collection of over 3,000 books and journals that is used for reference only. The main library has six reading rooms and an auditorium as well.

The three-story residential hall can accommodate around 1600 students in single rooms along with common bathrooms on each floor. There are also two one-story buildings that accommodate male and female students respectively. They have a total capacity of around 400 students.

The campus has four halls for recreation purposes – three for male students and one for female students; a mosque for prayers; a cafeteria; an auditorium; a food court; a gymnasium; an indoor stadium; three basketball courts; two badminton courts; four volleyball courts; two tennis courts; five table tennis tables (two inside the main building, three outside);

What does the academic program has to offer of this university?

The academic program of this university offers a wide choice of subjects from the undergraduate program, graduate program, to post-graduate programs.

The undergraduate program at this university is an essential phase for every student. A student can select his or her favorite subject and get their bachelor’s degree. However, the student has to complete 4 years of study in order to get their bachelor’s degree. To acquire a bachelor’s degree, a student must take general education courses and major courses in their field of study during their first 2 years at the university. In the third year, a student is required to take part in practical training such as internships or research projects. After that, students will be able to earn credits by taking examinations. In addition, students will also be evaluated with reports on work experience and presentations at conferences or seminars after finishing their third year.

Does this university provide financial aid?

The scholarship and stipend are the two types of financial aid offered by the university. These two types of financial aid differ in the amount they offer. The scholarship is available to students on a semester-wise basis whereas the stipend is given to students on an annual basis.

The university provides financial aid in two ways i.e., scholarships and stipends. A scholarship is offered to students on a semester-wise basis whereas a stipend is given to students on an annual basis.

To get a scholarship in Bangladesh University of professionals, one must meet some eligibility criteria, which are obviously different for each scholarship program. One has to be eligible for a particular scholarship, which depends upon various factors like academic performance, extra-curricular activities etc.


If you want to study MBBS in Bangladesh, our recommendation would be Bangladesh University of professionals. They are the one of the best universities in Bangladesh. The main reason for that are their faculty and staff.

This university has good reputation and it’s easy to get admission there; we recommend this university for you if you have planned to study in Bangladesh. The most important thing is that this university campus is located in the capital city, Dhaka. It helps you to stay safe and secure and do your study at the same place. So this university has all the necessary facilities for student’s success; it’s a good choice for you.

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