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Mainamoti Medical College

Address : Kuchaitoli Road, Cumilla 3500, Bangladesh

Mainamoti Medical College

Private medical colleges such as Mainamoti Medical College, Dhaka are under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

The college has a total of 50 acres of land including an ultra-modern hospital building and hostel accommodation for students. With state of the art facilities and equipment, Mainamoti Medical College, Dhaka provides an excellent learning environment for students to study medicine.

Mainamoti Medical College, Dhaka has been established with an aim to fulfill the needs of poor people who cannot afford expensive medical treatment by providing quality education in all branches of medicine at affordable cost.

Mainamoti Medical College, Dhaka was established on 21 February in 2011 with the aim of providing healthcare to the people of western Bangladesh.

Despite meeting all the requirements set by the Health Ministry, RMC was fined 10 million taka by Bangladesh High Court in November 2016 for admitting students that did not meet their admission requirements for medical college.

Are you looking for the best medical institution in Bangladesh?

If so, Mainamoti Medical College, Dhaka can help you. Mainamoti Medical College Dhaka is one of the best medical institutions offering MBBS in Bangladesh. The university is recognized as the best medical institution in the country, due to its excellence in academic performance. Many of Bangladesh's leading physicians are affiliated with this college. It offers a wide range of courses including MBBS, Nursing and Paramedical studies.

The campus of this university is beautiful and provides all the facilities required by students to study in a comfortable environment. The university has a large library with lots of books on various subjects which help students improve their knowledge and prepare themselves for examinations. The library also contains textbooks which are essential for students to study efficiently.

The hostel facility available at Mainamoti Medical College, Dhaka makes it easy for students who come from faraway places to live comfortably on campus while studying at this university.

Benefits of Mainamoti Medical College, Dhaka

Mainamoti Medical College, Dhaka is the best place to study medicine in Bangladesh. The MBBS program has the best infrastructure and qualified teachers who can provide the best education to students. The course has a well-organized curriculum, which will help students to get an excellent result in their exams. The college follows all rules and regulations as per NMC guidelines.

The institute provides free lodging facility for its students. They also offer different scholarships to meritorious candidates so that they can study with ease and achieve their goals.

MBBS program has a very easy admission process for both international and local students. All you need is to submit your application form along with all required documents, including NOC from your college/university. After verification of documents by the admission committee, you will get admission into the program without appearing for any entrance exam or test.

The MBBS in Mainamoti Medical College, Dhaka is a great way for students who want to study medicine abroad.

Studying MBBS in Mainamoti Medical College, Dhaka is a good option because the course is taught in English. This makes it easy for students who want to study medicine abroad, but do not speak the language of the country they are planning on going to.

The MBBS course in Mainamoti Medical College, Dhaka offers education at a much lower cost than that of private universities. The average tuition fee for an MBBS course at a private university in India can be well over 100,000 rupees per year, which is more than double what you would pay for your entire four years at Mainamoti Medical College, Dhaka!