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Monno Medical College

Address : Monno City, Gilondo, 1840, Bangladesh

Monno Medical College, Dhaka

Monno Welfare Foundation has established Monno Medical College to provide a supportive environment for the development of outstanding clinicians. The foundation believes that a unique combination of longitudinal mentorship, resident collegiality, and patient-centered care provides the foundation for career advancement, scientific development, and leadership. Medicine is a rewarding career; however, doctors must be lifelong learners in order to meet their patients' needs.

At Monno Medical College they believe in a learning model that fosters curiosity, innovation and teamwork. They also focus on developing skills such as self-awareness, communication and critical thinking skills that will help you grow into an empathetic physician who can understand the patient's perspective.

Monno Medical College does not want to produce just doctors but great doctors who are capable of making meaningful contributions to society in their respective fields!

When you study medicine at Monno Medical College, you don't just become a doctor—you become a pioneer.

With a wide range of specialty careers available in medicine, you'll have the opportunity to choose your own path and make an impact in your field of choice. You could be a surgeon, a cardiologist, or even a public health physician. The sky's the limit with this degree!

And if you love research? Well then this is the college for you! They're known for their innovative research initiatives which help them stay on top of the latest developments in health care, so you'll never have to worry about being left behind on the latest treatments or procedures.

And when it comes to helping people who need it most? They've got that covered too: the students are always working hard to serve Bangladesh's poorest communities and make sure everyone has access to quality healthcare no matter what their circumstances.

If you want a career that will give back as much as it takes from you—and more—then Monno Medical College is where it's at!

Some facilities of Monno Medical College

  1. Journal of Monno Medical College is a peer reviewed bi-annual medical journal published by the Faculty of Medicine and Research Department of Monno Medical College. It is a platform to publish your research work in the field of medicine in both English and Urdu languages.

It publishes original research articles, reviews, case reports, short communications, and letters to the editor and book reviews. Manuscripts describing novel concepts or new approaches to clinical problems will be given priority for publication.

The Journal aims to promote excellence in research by providing an open forum for researchers and practitioners from all over Pakistan to share their knowledge and experiences with others who are interested in this field.

  1. The college has a ten-story building with spacious three lifts and a total floor space of 1, 22,000sq.ft. The campus area of the college is more than 13 acres of land with a scenic beauty. A lake inside the campus has made it visually lucrative. Accommodation in the college includes:

They include two separate four storied teacher’s quarters, a four storied Professor’s quarter, two different hostels with 250 Seats for boys & girls, a wide playground, a two storied mosque, a two storied cafeteria and a doctors dormitory. A staff quarters is also available to the students who come from far off places.

  1. Safety and security are the top priority of this college. The entire campus is protected by trained, dedicated and professional security teams. The security guards are managed by defense personnel. They perform their duties according to a duty roster that is kept updated.

The security wing also keeps a strict eye on any suspicious activity. They are always alert and prepared to face any kind of situation that may arise during their duty hours.

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