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Scholarship guide

Scholarship guide for study mbbs abroad

If you want to study medicine in abroad, there are two types of scholarship opportunities available to you; one is the merit based and other is the need based. The merit based scholarships are offered by the government and private institutions of that particular country. Students who want to pursue MD abroad can apply for these scholarships. The financial aid is offered on a competitive basis and there are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled.

The other type of scholarship is the need based. Most of the times foreign universities do not provide loans or any other form of financial aid to students pursuing medicine in abroad. This is where need-based scholarships come into picture. Foreign universities provide these scholarships to help students who cannot afford to pay for their education abroad. These scholarships are usually given by government or private institution of that particular country, but it does not guarantee admission into the university.

These scholarships will help you achieve your goal without worrying about your finances which may become a roadblock in this journey.

We at blossom global education - We want to make sure that students are well-prepared for the transition of studying and living abroad. We provide them with information and advice on how to handle culture shock, how to cope academically, and how best to adjust emotionally. Ultimately, we want them to have a smooth transition and enjoy their time studying overseas.

When you study abroad, your life is about to change so drastically. You'll have a new culture, language, and all the people who are going to be part of your life from now on. As we mentioned earlier, we help you prepare for all of these changes so that you can achieve your academic and personal goals while making the best out of your experience in the foreign country.

Despite common perception, studying abroad is not just about taking a degree or learning a new language. For some students, it's about finding themselves—it's about growing up and finding out what they really want in life. It's about writing their own story—and we help them do that with our comprehensive programs that guide them through their transition into living and studying overseas.