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MBBS in Georgia

It is becoming increasingly popular for students to pursue their MBBS degrees in Georgia. It emphasizes a variety of medical exams, knowledgeable resources, well-maintained medical centers, and exceptional food quality. The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program in Georgia lasts for five years and is entirely taught in English during those five years. Attending medical school in Georgia is a fantastic opportunity, and it satisfies the educational standard that is followed all over the globe. There has been significant growth in the number of students studying MBBS in a foreign country during the last several years. For Indian students interested in working as doctors in other countries, getting their MBBS degrees in Georgia is an excellent option. Training of higher quality is provided to students who choose to pursue their education at one of Georgia's many renowned medical schools. This includes instruction in diagnostics, training in regional pathology, patient care, and the practice of medical care, among other things. The National Medical Commission (NMC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and several other medical organizations all have representatives from Georgia's medical colleges on their staff. The foundation and quality of medical education offered by Georgia's medical schools are considered the finest in the world. Accreditation was made available to influential Georgian organizations, educational institutions, and colleges via the state of Georgia's Ministry of Education and the Sciences.

Georgia has successfully achieved 100% of literacy and is considered to be the best place for studying medicine in the world. The medical universities of Georgia are the premium and the best option for any student who wants to study MBBS abroad.

About Georgia

Georgia is a European country located at the intersection of Eastern Europe and West Asia. This country shares its borders with the Black Sea in the west, Russia in the north, Turkey and Armenia in the south and Azerbaijan in the Southeast. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi which is known for its diverse architecture and mazelike, cobblestone streets. The major area of the country is covered with mountains.

Advantages of MBBS in Georgia

Education in Georgia is the best in the nation, and the cost of a Georgia medical education is among the lowest in the country. Several medical universities in Georgia are recognized by international organizations, including the Medical Colleges of America (MCA) and the World Health Organization (WHO). It is easy for students from India to enroll in a medical degree program at a university in Georgia since classes are taught in English. Georgia has an excellent infrastructure, and its weather is generally pleasant year-round. The Georgia Medical School MBBS curriculum focuses more on the theoretical aspects of medical education. Prices for most necessities are also quite affordable in the Peach State. Every medical school in Georgia offering an MBBS program has an Indian mess on campus. Hostels and flats are viable housing options, providing students with access to excellent instructors and secure environments. Many students look for part-time employment to help with the cost of living or for other personal reasons. Since the internships provided by Georgia Medical College do not need a lot of upkeep, there is no need to knock on strangers' doors to find them. 

Disadvantages of MBBS in Georgia

Georgia has a very harsh climate compared to countries that provide MBBS seats for the same price. A significant downside of studying for an MBBS in Georgia is the lack of an Indian Embassy in the country. Most students in India are worried about this. The Indian Embassy in Armenia is a resource for Indian citizens in Georgia. To get financial help, students from India must go to Armenia. The duration of the Georgian MBBS curriculum is six years. Compared to countries like Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, and Kyrgyzstan, this time frame is more generous. Students' failure might stem from their mindset. The educational systems in every European country are world-class, and they all share a commitment to student's holistic growth without exerting undue pressure on them. However, some students have trouble with this since they just aren't motivated enough. Students may get misleading advice from the Indian agents. Some brokers give clients the impression that Georgia is already a member of the European Union when they have misinformation. Admissions officers in Georgia's MBBS program should not be trusted to provide EU visas to students. Because of this, it's essential to do some digging and get in touch with only consultants who have established connections to relevant organizations.

Why MBBS in Georgia?

Georgia has become a hot destination for students from around the world who want to pursue MBBS abroad.

Benefits of MBBS from Georgia


East European University

 Tuition Fees in USDAccomodation in USD (Approx)Medical Insurance in USD (Approx)Total (Approx)
1st Year$5000$1200Included$620
2nd Year$5000$1200$150$6350
3rd Year$5000$1200$150$6350
4th Year$5000$1200$150$6350
5th Year$5000$1200$150$6350
6th Year$5000$1200$150$6350


 Tuition Fees in USDAccomodation in USD (Approx)Medical Insurance in USD (Approx)Total (Approx)
1st Year$5500$2500$150$8150
2nd Year$5500$2500$150$8150
3rd Year$5500$2500$150$8150
4th Year$5500$2500$150$8150
5th Year$5500$2500$150$8150
6th Year$5500$2500$150$8150


 Tuition Fees in USDAccomodation in USD (Approx)Medical Insurance in USD (Approx)Total (Approx)
1st Year$4000$2500$100$6600
2nd Year$4000$2500$100$6600
3rd Year$4000$2500$100$6600
4th Year$4000$2500$100$6600
5th Year$4000$2500$100$6600
6th Year$4000$2500$100$6600


 Tuition Fees in USDAccomodation in USD (Approx)Medical Insurance in USD (Approx)Total (Approx)
1st Year$5000$2500$100$7600
2nd Year$5000$2500$100$7600
3rd Year$5000$2500$100$7600
4th Year$5000$2500$100$7600
5th Year$5000$2500$100$7600
6th Year$5000$2500$100$7600


 Tuition Fees in USDAccomodation in USD (Approx)Medical Insurance in USD (Approx)Total (Approx)
1st Year$4500$3000$150$7650
2nd Year$4500$3000$150$7650
3rd Year$4500$3000$150$7650
4th Year$4500$3000$150$7650
5th Year$4500$3000$150$7650
6th Year$4500$3000$150$7650


 Tuition Fees in USDAccomodation in USD (Approx)Medical Insurance in USD (Approx)Total (Approx)
1st Year$6000$3000$150$9150
2nd Year$6000$3000$150$9150
3rd Year$6000$3000$150$9150
4th Year$6000$3000$150$9150
5th Year$6000$3000$150$9150
6th Year$6000$3000$150$9150



 Tuition Fees in USDAccomoda- tion in USD (Approx)Medical Insurance in USDTotal (Approx)
1st Year$4800$3000$180$7980
2nd Year$4800$3000$180$7980
3rd Year$4800$3000$180$7980
4th Year$4800$3000$180$7980
5th Year$4800$3000$180$7980
6th Year$4800$3000$180$7980


 Tuition Fees in USDAccomoda- tion in USD (Approx)Medical Insurance in USD (Approx)Total (Approx)
1st Year$7000$1200$100$8300
2nd Year$7000$1200$100$8300
3rd Year$7000$1200$100$8300
4th Year$7000$1200$100$8300
5th Year$7000$1200$100$8300
6th Year$7000$1200$100$8300



 Tuition Fees in USDAccomoda- tion in USD (Approx)Medical Insurance in USD (Approx)Total (Approx)
1st Year$6000$2400$100$8500
2nd Year$6000$2400$100$8500
3rd Year$6000$2400$100$8500
4th Year$6000$2400$100$8500
5th Year$600$2400$100$8500
6th Year$6000$2400$100$8500
Total$360, 00$14400$600$51,000



For several reasons, getting an MBBS degree in Georgia is considered the most excellent option globally. Even though studying MBBS in Georgia has a few drawbacks, the state does have a reasonable education cost system, outstanding facilities, highly educated teachers, and an atmosphere that is kind and sympathetic toward students. It would seem that Medical and Baccalaureate of Surgery (MBBS) studies in Georgia would be the perfect place for Indian students who want to follow their dream of becoming a doctor and make it their career while still paying an affordable fee.