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Bangladesh Medical College, Dhaka

Address : House # 34/35, Road # 14/A (New), Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1209

Introduction of the College

Established in 2005, Bangladesh’s Ibn Sina Medical College (ISMC) is a private medical institution. It is situated in Dhaka’s Mirpur Model Thana in the Kallyanpur neighbourhood. It belongs to the University of Dhaka as a constituent institution. After a five-year programme of study, one can earn a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree. All graduates are required to do a one-year internship following graduation. A teaching hospital with 250 beds is also housed in the college’s 14-story structure. A second, 16-story hospital is being built on the grounds, adding 500 beds. The college’s official journal is the Bangladesh Journal of Medical Science.


The campus of the college

In Dhaka’s Mirpur Model Thana, the college is situated in the Kallyanpur neighbourhood. A teaching hospital with 250 beds is also housed in the college’s 14-story structure. A second, 16-story hospital is being built on the grounds, adding 500 beds.


Academics of the college

The college provides a five-year programme of study leading to a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree from Dhaka University. It is recognised by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC). A one-year internship is required after completing the final professional test. To be registered to practise medicine with the BMDC, you must complete training. The Directorate General of Health Services oversees admissions for Bangladeshis to the MBBS programme at all government and private medical institutions in Bangladesh (DGHS). It concurrently offers a written test with multiple choice questions everywhere around the nation. Although grades from the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) levels also matter, this test’s score is the main factor determining whether candidates are accepted. The college is permitted to enrol 65 students yearly as of July 2014.


Benefits of studying for the MBBS at IBN Sina Medical College in Bangladesh include:

IBN Sina Medical College was created to give medical students a well-rounded education and opportunities for professional growth. The academic staff comprises highly trained instructors, and the hospital connected to it is a model facility with all the latest amenities. All of these will assist the students in gaining the information, abilities, and attitudes necessary to address the health issues in the community and lay a solid foundation for further training and higher education. The institution sets aside 25% of its total seats each year for overseas students. The institute offers cutting-edge research and education of the highest calibre.

  • College Accommodation:

The College and Hospital in Dhanmondi are accommodated in three 6-story buildings with arrangements for 600 inpatients. The new building of the Hospital—called the Community Welfare and Healthcare Centre (CWHCC)—has an excellent Outpatient Department in addition to Inpatient facilities. The College’s Modern Accident and Emergency Department is one of the finest in the country.

The college is affiliated with Dhaka University, a prestigious educational institution in Bangladesh which provides education at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels.

  • Library of the college:

 The College Library is one of the most important resources for students and faculty members. It has a collection of over 7,500 books including expensive latest monographs. The library subscribes seven international medical journals on an annual basis, and it provides computer facilities for students and faculty members.

The Bangladesh medical college is attached to the library, giving students convenient access to all their resources in one place. It has computers for student use, as well as Internet access and e-mail facilities. These services are used extensively by students and faculty members.

  • Why BMC is your best option if you want to study MBBS in Bangladesh?

BMC is a unique institution, in that its academic infrastructure is supported by the facilities of its state-of-the-art hospital. This means that students have the opportunity to learn from both medical professionals and patients, which gives them a much more well-rounded understanding of their field than they would get from just studying in a classroom.

The college is also accredited by WHO, which means that graduates of this institution will be recognized all over the world as having received an excellent education. In addition to its academic programmed, BMC offers students counseling and guidance from faculty members who are available to assist them with any problems or questions they have. The students are also encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports and cultural events.

The campus has adequate specialty departments for student teaching, so that doctors receive training in real-world environments rather than simply learning how to perform procedures on cadavers or practice on one another (though these things do happen!). The training given by BMC is recognized by BCPS for higher examinations, making it easier for graduates to find employment after graduation.

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