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Dhaka National Medical College

Address : Johnson Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh , Bangladesh

A brief history of Dhaka National Medical College

Dhaka National Medical College (DNMC) was founded in 1925. The college was established by a group of eminent Bengali doctors who were inspired by the idea of providing medical education to the people of Bangladesh.

Dhaka National Medical College was originally situated near Bahadur Shah Park, which has now been renamed after Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The college was renamed Dhaka National Medical Institute (DNMI) in October 1950, and then later as Dhaka National Medical College (DNMC) in March 1955.

Dhaka National Medical College is one of the oldest medical colleges in Bangladesh and has produced thousands of doctors since its establishment. It is also one of the most popular medical colleges in Bangladesh due to its excellent reputation among students and parents alike.

What kind of facilities does this college provides to the students?

Accommodation Facility:
There are a total of 229 rooms and 365 seats in the boys’ hostel and 93 rooms and 282 seats in the girls’ hostel. The boys’ hostel has two buildings: Hazi Selim and Hazi Masum; Idris Ali; Sajjad H. Titu; and Sheikh Russel International Hostel. The girls’ hostel consists of Abu Khayer and College buildings.

Dining Facility:
The dining facility at this college is available for both the boys and girls hostels. Each hostel has its own separate dining room, which can hold 100 students for the boy’s hostel and 35 students for the girl’s hostel at any given time.

At both dining rooms, you can watch TV while you eat! The girl’s hostel has water purifiers so that you can drink safe, clean water from them. The boy’s hostel cooks their meals by either male or female staff members.

Recreation Facility:
They’re proud to offer you a range of TV facilities in the boys hostel. You can catch up on your favorite sitcoms, watch sports games, or just relax and unwind after a long day at school.

And don’t worry—they have plenty of space for playing Carrom board and other fun games too!

Prayer Room:
If you want to pray, we have an area set aside. You may use this room to pray at any time of day. We hope that you find this room helpful.

What type of campus life will you experience in this university?

A well-stocked, clean, and organized library is the heartbeat of any school. No matter how you look at it, the library is an integral part of learning and growing into a productive, healthy person—no one would be where they are today without that foundation. That’s why it’s so important to have a good facility to build upon. The Dhaka national medical college library certainly succeeds in that regard.

The library is one of the first things students see when they come into the college building from the main gate. It’s got a great, welcoming wooden door and windows on both sides for plenty of light. The walls are adorned with posters about upcoming events and information about the school, as well as some great pictures from around the world (including images from our very own field trips!).

The collection of the library is growing gradually because it is a growing organization. The Library has registered internet access by HINARY to provide services to the readers. The library also has 6,232 text and reference books of original print and publishers with latest edition. It has forty (40) local Journals and three (3) International Journals for upgrading and enlargement of medical professionals.

WIFI facility:
To enhance the academic environment of Dhaka National Medical College (DNMC), a big library with dedicated bandwidth facility to facilitate internet access has been constructed. Five computers are also provided for the students and faculty members for internet access. The library is monitored by the Principal through active cooperation of ICT Cell of DNMC.

Bangabandhu Corner:
Bangabandhu Corner is an open library in the canteen of the school. Teachers and other staff members can read free of charge. Students and teachers can access the Internet from here. The Bangabandhu Corner has a separate multimedia section for teachers and medical officers to read and to do research.


If you want to study in Bangladesh consider Dhaka international college. The Dhaka National Medical College (DNM) is an independent medical college of Bangladesh, which was established in 1973. The college is situated on a sprawling campus at the heart of old Dhaka city. It has well-furnished hostels for both male and female students. The hostels are under the coverate of CCTV and security all the time. The entrance and exit of the students in the hostels are maintained by Registrar Khata. All types of facilities for the students are available in the hostels.

DNM has a library, computer center, language lab, gymnasium, auditorium, canteen and different clubs like cultural club, medical club and sports club. Moreover there is a playground for cricket, football etc. Dhaka National Medical College is one of the best colleges in Bangladesh for its academic activities and extra-curricular activities.

Some important things about Dhaka national medical college:

  1. The college was established in 1973 and it has been providing quality education since its inception.

2. The college is affiliated with Dhaka University and recognized by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Government of Bangladesh

3. It provides training to many undergraduate medical students every year who are studying at this institute throughout their MBBS degree program.

Fee Structure

Seat Reservation At the
time of Admission (Part
of Tuition Fee)
5000 US$Rs. 350,000
Payment During
Admission Fee (1st Years)
25,000 US$Rs. 17,50,000
Hostel Fee (1st Year)Hostel Fee included in
Hostel Fee included in
Total 1st Year30,000 US$Rs. 21,00,000
Tuition Fee From 2nd to
5th Years
  • 4800 US$ X 4 =
    19,200 US$
  • Rs. 336,000 X 4 =
Hostel Fee including food
(From 2nd to 5th Year)
1200 US$ X 4 =
4800 US$
Rs. 84,000 X 4 =
Rs. 336,000
Total Fee
1st to 5th Year
54,000 US$Rs. 37,80,000

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