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Kumudini Women’s Medical College

Address : Mirzapur, Tangail, Bangladesh Dhaka Office: 74 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1, Dhaka

Kumudini Women’s Medical College

Kumudini Women's Medical College was established within the umbrella of Kumudini Welfare Trust in 2001. The college aims to materialize the dream of the founder by enrolling academically outstanding and culturally diverse female students who will pursue education that meets their needs and responds to the demands of medicine, science, ethics, and public policy. The college encourages students to explore their interests and develop a sense of community.

It is an autonomous institute providing a high quality medical education to its students. All departments are well equipped with modern facilities including computer laboratories, libraries, and lecture theatres etc., which contribute towards achieving excellence in teaching learning process. We have a dynamic academic staff with over 20 years experience in teaching medical students as well as postgraduate trainees in various specialties including surgery, obstetrics & gynecology (OBG), internal medicine (IM), pediatrics (PED), anesthesia & intensive care unit (A&I) and psychiatry (PSY).

Affiliations of Kumudini Women’s Medical College; Tangail, Dhaka

Kumudini Women’s Medical College; Tangail, Dhaka has been accorded:

Permission from the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Bangladesh, Affiliation with the University of Dhaka, Recognition by the Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BM&DC), and Listing on the International Medical Education Directory- FAIMER.

With this recognition, the graduates will be able to apply for competitive entrance examinations abroad that are held by other countries and universities.

Objectives of Kumudini Women’s Medical College; Tangail, Dhaka

The objective of the Kumudini Women’s Medical College; Tangail, Dhaka is to produce competent, committed, and caring female medical and dental graduates who will be willing to serve the community. It also aims to provide students with more practical knowledge about basic health care and to inculcate within them the spirit of dedication in medical service so that they devote themselves to serving the distressed people in the country and beyond.

Moreover, it promotes widespread sprit among medical students so that they are motivated for a complete devotion towards growth and development in knowledge skills and attitude including attainments in higher studies, research and excellence.

Goal of Kumudini Women’s Medical College; Tangail, Dhaka

The Kumudini Women’s Medical College; Tangail, Dhaka is committed to providing a broad, strong education that prepares students for professional development and future studies in medical science. They believe that by focusing on the needs of our community, they can equip students with the knowledge, skill, and attitude necessary to address their priorities.

Accomodation rules of Kumudini Women’s Medical College; Tangail, Dhaka

It is important to live in the college hostel as it enhances your learning experience and helps you grow as a person. The college hostel provides you with a safe and secure place to live, study, and interact with other students from across India. It also allows you to connect with faculty members on a daily basis through informal discussions or through academic activities. These interactions are vital for your overall development as an individual as well as for your academic growth.


After reading everything about the college one understand how much education and behavior is important for this college. You should definitely consider taking admission in this college.

The college has a lot of opportunities for students, such as: the possibility to get a job after graduation, there are many clubs with different subjects which help students develop their talents and interests.

Moreover, the atmosphere of this college is very friendly, we feel like we are at home here and everyone is ready to help us if we need it. There are many events organized by the administration or by students themselves that make our life interesting both inside and outside the classroom.