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Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University

Address : 30a Tigran Mets Ave, Vanadzor 2001, Armenia

Introduction of the college

The Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University was established in 1996 and is situated in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, at 30a Tigran Mets Ave, Vanadzor 2001, Armenia. The institution emerges as the most excellent top University in Armenia for providing students with a high-quality education in the field of Medicine.

The University is officially recognized by the Medical Council of India and adheres to the MCI’s standards. The Armenian Ministry has approved the University’s planned medical education strategy of Education and Science. The University’s infrastructure installations, faculty, quality, and other expert management add to its popularity in the medical area, allowing students to find it a perfect choice for their MBBS education, whether undergraduates, postgraduates, or doctors. Seventy professional academics run it to give the faculty and students total independence in their studying and teaching experiences.

Hostel & Accommodation

Students from other countries, as well as those from Armenia, may stay in the University’s dormitories throughout their time there. Hostels have comfortable furnishings and are stocked with the conveniences necessary for day-to-day life. Hostels are well-kept and spotless, providing students with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. These hostels provide a variety of convenient amenities, all of which are high quality. Ragging and other forms of intimidation are forbidden inside the dormitories. The dormitories have reading rooms, huge libraries, communal kitchens, and other such areas. The institution offers MBBS students a relatively affordable option for on-campus housing through its dorms.

Student life

Armenian and international students are welcome to use the hostel facilities provided by the institution. Hostels are fully furnished and come with various day-to-day necessities and other amenities. It has hostels that are immaculately clean and have a welcoming atmosphere. The amenities they provide to the students are of high quality and create a pleasant environment.

The institution plans various extra-curricular activities, including cultural events, sporting competitions, and social gatherings, for the students’ amusement and revitalization. It provides every conceivable kind of academic and personal assistance and direction.


The Mkhitar Gosh Armenian University is a modern institution with a complete infrastructure and experienced faculty members globally acknowledged as experts in various medical fields, professional health organizations, and government agencies. The Ministry has blessed the MBBS program by the University of Education and Science of Armenia in India. It is widely acknowledged as one of the best educational institutions in Armenia, earning it a place among the country’s most prestigious universities. Mkhitar Gosh Armenian University is widely regarded as one of the country’s premier educational institutions in the field of Medicine.


The Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University comprises faculties and institutes that educate students to become highly qualified experts in various fields relevant to the Armenian national economy. The University has an adequate number of faculty members with cutting-edge technological capabilities and a high level of education and training. In addition to this, it offers enough numbers of non-technical personnel to create an atmosphere where students are encouraged to study on their own. The college has prioritized improving health care education and the health care delivery system for the nation’s people.

Benefits of the Mbbs at Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University

The tuition fees are reasonable, and the cost of living is somewhat less than in other European nations; thus, you have the opportunity to pursue higher education on a budget. Armenia has the lowest violation rate and is the safest nation in Europe since it is family-friendly and ideal for worry-free education regardless of whether you like mingling or prefer alone experiences. Armenians have advanced in technology, diversity, and citizens with an open mind. Many Indians already studying in Armenia observed a significant improvement in education, particularly in Medicine. Good clinical susceptibility, superior medical education, a one-of-a-kind infrastructure, and a well-equipped laboratory. TOEFL or IELTS is required for admission to the MBBS program in Armenia.