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St. Tereza Medical University

Address : 54A Mesrop Mashtots Ave, Yerevan, Armenia

Introduction of the college

Larisa Hambartsumyan established the St. Tereza Higher Medical Institution in 1992. The University is named after St. Tereza. The University is home to some of the most brilliant minds in teaching and research. Students are provided with effective learning strategies and a conducive learning atmosphere. The institution contains all of the most recent and cutting-edge technology and tools.

Yerevan is surrounded by mountains, a feature that might be considered a positive aspect of the city. Most of the structures are constructed out of tuff, a kind of stone that originates from volcanic activity. When it comes to hue, tuff is often entirely pink. The city of Yerevan is at the top of the rankings because of its evergreen and ancient heritage. Additionally, there are beautiful museums and parks to explore, which may help one feel rejuvenated.

Hostel & Accommodation

Students may stay at the university hostel, which is within the university campus and placed only 5 minutes walking distance away from the academic block. There may be one or two other students staying in the room with you, and it will be fully furnished, with air conditioning and an attached bathroom. Your choices and available funds will determine the best course of action. The University’s mess serves a variety of cuisines, including Indian food, among its offerings. Seniors at this institution are helpful, and there are Indian students now enrolled here, which means that you will have psychological exposure to the culture of your own country.

Student life

Life at St. Theresa Medical University is vibrant and exciting for all students. The institution has a sports facility where students can spend their free time playing football and basketball and swimming and gymnasium facilities. The institution hosts various cultural events and activities in which students are invited to participate. The institution celebrates the world’s significant holidays so students don’t miss home and may get acquainted with students from various nations.


The ST Tereza Medical University is a top-tier educational institution that has grown into one of the most beautiful medical institutions in the nation. It contains academically talented students and staff members who have a very high education level and are dedicated to ensuring that the education provided to pupils is of the highest possible standard. Saint Teresa Medical University is well-known for the hands-on, practical approach to teaching that it takes, as well as the multicultural educational ecology that it has established throughout its history.


The University comprises colleges and institutions that educate highly-qualified individuals for most of Armenia’s economic sectors. The faculty at this University have high education, experience, and access to the most up-to-date teaching tools. In addition to this, it offers enough numbers of non-technical employees to create an environment in which the students may engage in self-directed learning. The college is dedicated to improving the nation’s citizens’ health care education and output delivery system.

Benefits of the Mbbs at St. Tereza Medical University

The education that may be obtained at St. Tereza Medical University is of a very high standard. The University offers the students all of the essential amenities, including a library, a hospital, a medical center, a dormitory, a meal hall, computer laboratories, an auditorium, and well-equipped classrooms, among other things. In addition, the institution offers prospective medical students from around the globe access to all contemporary conveniences. St. Tereza Medical University provides its students with access to essential educational resources. The institution has wide recognition across the board from all medical organizations. The tuition and fees for an MBBS degree at St. Tereza Medical University are minimal. The presence of students from various cultural backgrounds on the St. Tereza Medical University campus directly results from the University’s acceptance of students from other countries for its MBBS program. ST. Tereza Medical University’s MBBS curriculum is taught in English, hence the language utilized in English. Aspirants to medical careers worldwide are granted a medical degree recognized in every country on the planet; hence, graduates can work in any nation of their choosing. Students get an education of the highest caliber thanks to the outstanding members of the University’s faculty. A specialist sports gym for powerlifting and shape is located in the basement of the building. It is open not only to the students of the University but also to any other athletes who would want to train there. There is a library, a cafeteria, and administrative offices on the second level of the St. Tereza Medical University building. The section of the university building that is dedicated to classrooms, both theoretical and practical, has a large number of rooms.