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Best medical colleges in Bangladesh

Hundreds of overseas students yearly seek to study medicine at Bangladesh’s leading colleges. Bangladesh is a country in South Asia, located on the Bay of Bengal to the east of India. Bangladesh has been a popular study abroad option for students from neighbouring nations such as India, Nepal, and others.

Let’s have a look at the best medical colleges in Bangladesh:


Jahurul Islam Medical College

In 1992, Dr Jahurul Islam founded the Jahurul Islam Medical College. There have been educational institutions in Bangladesh for quite some time, and the Jahurul Islam Medical College and Hospital is among the first. This school may be found in the city of Bhagalpur in the district of Kishoreganj. It is the first institution built in a rural region and occupies a sprawling 53 acres. The MBBS programme at Jahurul Islam Medical College is five years long and costs a lot of money. The World Health Organization and the National Medical Council recognise the MBBS as a valid medical degree (NMC).


Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College

Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College is an essential component of Bangladesh’s MBBS curriculum, which strives to serve the general population with affordable health care. Established in 2002 at Konia, Gazipur, Mohammad Shamsul Hoque’s Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College is a private institution of higher education in the medical field. The institution has come a long way in advancing medical technology and education in the nation. The mission of Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College and Hospital is to provide a rigorous, well-rounded education that will help students succeed in their professional and academic endeavours in the years to come. The institution has modern classrooms, a lecture hall, a dissection room, well-equipped labs, a big museum, a library, student social areas, and a snack bar.


Eastern Medical College

Established in 2005, it is Bangladesh’s first private medical institution. Its main campus is located at Kabila, Burichang Upazila, Comilla District, Chittagong Division, next to the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. It is connected to Chittagong University and Chittagong Medical University. It’s a 5-year commitment to getting your MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). Internships of at least one-year duration are required of all graduates. In this case, the degree is valid in Bangladesh, according to the Medical and Dental Council. One of the hospital’s 600 beds is located on the Kabila campus. The government of Bangladesh capped the annual tuition and fees at private medical schools at 1,990,000 Bangladeshi takas (about $25,750 at the time) in October 2014.


Mainamoti Medical College

In Bangladesh, Mainamoti Medical College is highly regarded as a top institution for pursuing a degree in medicine due to its commitment to implementing cutting-edge teaching practices. Located in the city of Cumilla, Bangladesh, Mainamoti Medical College is a private medical school that first opened its doors on 21 February 2011. To better the lives and futures of students from all over the globe, Mainamoti Medical College and Hospital offers an MBBS programme. To help its students grow as individuals and professionals, the institution provides them with medical education focusing on a broad range of disciplines within medicine. This university’s MBBS programme lasts for five years, after which students are required to do an internship for another year.


Monno Medical College

Monno Medical College and Hospital was founded by Mr Harunar Rashid Khan Monno, Honorable Chairman of the Monno Group of Industries. The Monno Welfare Foundation is responsible for this initiative, and it is not for profit in any way. The current college principal is Professor Dr Zahedul Karim Ahmad, who has extensive teaching experience and a PhD. Regarding the calibre of its graduates, it is widely recognised as one of the best medical schools in the world. When Monno Medical College opened its doors in 2011, it welcomed its fourth cohort of students.

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