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European University


The University was founded in 1995 in Tbilisi, Georgia. It is a great institution for MBBS studies in Georgia. WHO has also included the institution in its World Directory of Medical Schools. Originally known as the European Teaching University, it produces high-quality medical students. Students who attend the institution have access to great job options.

Consequently, it is rated 31 in Georgia and is in position 11620 globally. The institution is working to develop a new paradigm for medical education. They want to integrate conventional and cutting-edge approaches. This, in turn, contributes to the development of physicians, dentists, and pharmacists who bring about a revolutionary change in the area of medicine. The student-teacher ratio at the institution is 10:1. Students at the institution may address widespread illnesses, complicated health concerns, and other issues using breakthrough technology. The European University’s Medicine Faculty was founded in 2003 but only obtained accreditation in 2010.


European University’s medical school is committed to providing students with a rigorous education in medicine from a staff that is both locally rooted in Georgia and globally renowned for its research and clinical expertise. To ensure that all of its medical students have enough chance to learn and improve their medical abilities via practice and hands-on training, the experts created a broad array of teaching and evaluation methodologies. Hundreds of highly trained medical professionals diligently strive to ensure that all of the University’s medical students have access to the most up-to-date and comprehensive academic and medical information.

Student Life

The University maintains a center for developing Scientific Research activities that organize talks, conferences, seminars, presentations, and contests for its students. The University maintains partnerships with international educational and research institutions, allowing students to conduct research and participate in student exchange programs. The institution has established several athletic and cultural organizations for its students. The groups, such as the music and arts group, arrange Graduation, Welcome, and New Year’s Eve parties, trips, charity, other national and theme events, etc.

The benefits of studying at David Tvidiani Medical University

The top institution for higher education research and training in contemporary technical methods.  All deserving and outstanding applicants are offered scholarships and other financial aid forms.  All of its students have access to state-of-the-art simulation facilities, fully-stocked labs, and 60+ clinics where they may learn about the newest medical advancements.  College with free and open classrooms working on educational standards that everyone can get behind while having room to innovate and still feel at home when studying and teaching.  International bodies have validated the University’s reputation and the medical degree’s legitimacy.

A renowned institution with cutting-edge programs in medical training and quality assurance. Encourages students’ growth as professionals and individuals by providing a stimulating learning environment that values diversity and inclusion, respect for all viewpoints, a commitment to academic freedom, and cutting-edge approaches to teaching and learning.


The teachers and students at European University have access to a pleasant dormitory. The college has separate Hostel buildings for the sexes. Each room has a large closet and access to a shared kitchen where meals may be prepared. A common area with Wi-Fi, TVs, and a water heater is available for leisure activities. Teachers and guards keep an eye on the children. The students may make use of the hostel’s laundry facilities.


European University was originally known as European Teaching University and is one of the most prestigious institutions in Georgia with the title of Educational University. As a result of European University’s adherence to all of the guidelines established by World Accreditation Agencies, most of these organizations have recognized the quality of the higher education it offers. The University’s wide variety of high-quality educational programs includes international-caliber offerings made possible via partnerships with institutions worldwide. Skill-oriented training programs are effectively implemented by universities thanks to value-based, long-term cooperative activities that entice the value and quality-based teaching/learning approaches used via internationalization.

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