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Why you should study MBBS in Dr Sirajul Islam medical college in Bangladesh?

  • Introduction of Dr Sirajul Islam medical college in Bangladesh:


According to the WHO report of 2005, Bangladesh is ranked in the top 10 of countries with highest number of medical students. In spite of having such a high number of medical students, the country suffers from lack of quality medical education. The present system of medical education lacks quality due to poor infrastructure, outdated curriculum and lack of collaboration among medical colleges.

In this context, Dr Sirajul Islam Medical College (DSIMC) has been established with the aim to provide a platform for both men and women students who are interested in becoming a part of the development process in health sector by providing them quality medical education and professional training through modern facilities at an affordable cost.

Although DSIMC has been established as an initiative to serve the nation but its ultimate goal is to make all round changes in health sector through ushering a new era of professionalism, commitment and responsibility.

In the 21st century, it’s unacceptable that the best and brightest of Bangladesh aren’t allowed to study medicine. The country simply doesn’t have enough medical schools to meet its needs. It also doesn’t have enough qualified doctors to care for growing numbers of sick people in all parts of the country.

A number of citizens are forced to travel far from their homes and families just to receive basic health services. In some cases, patients are even sent abroad for treatment.

But there’s a simple solution: it’s time for Bangladesh to build more medical colleges and universities, especially at the university level. This will allow more students to study medicine and become competent doctors, who will then be able to return home and improve their countrymen’s lives.

It’s time for Bangladeshis to start thinking about long-term solutions, not temporary fixes. That’s why Dr Sirajul Islam Medical College is such a brilliant idea: it will help the country address its massive shortage of doctors while also increasing its overall pool of skilled workers. It could be a real game-changer for Bangladesh and its future generations of doctors.

  • Aim of Dr Sirajul Islam medical college:

When you are in a medical college, it is the responsibility of the teachers to teach the students right and wrong. A good teacher will not only give knowledge but he/she also inculcate his/her morals, values and ethics in them. They will guide them in their day-to-day life, to be a better human being and a good citizen of the world. They should also be able to know what is good for them and what is not. If a student doesn’t get this guidance from their teachers then they might not be able to live the life peacefully. We find that most of the doctors nowadays are lacking these qualities. They are not aware about how to treat a patient, how much to charge and how much time does it take to recover from any disease. It is very important for us, as students, to learn these things from our teachers as well as from our seniors because we are going to work with them in the future.

A good Dr Sirajul Islam Medical College should be able to provide that all the above mentioned things to their students so they can become successful doctors in the future.

  • Objective of Dr Sirajul Islam medical college:

Comprehending the purpose of a medical school and what it means for students is a process that’s often easy to take for granted. Without knowing where we’re going, it’s hard to know how to get there. That’s why learning about the goals of the school can be so helpful in guiding our daily decisions.

The purpose of Dr Sirajul Islam Medical College is, as stated on its website, “to provide appropriate learning environment where medical students will acquire theory and practical knowledge.” This goal is broken into three main aims:

  1. To train medical students in clinical skills such as diagnosing, treating, and preventing illness.
  2. To equip them with the capacity to update their knowledge through research.
  3. To ensure that they have the necessary abilities to communicate with patients and other health care providers while working in hospitals and communities.
  • Facilities provided in Dr Sirajul Islam medical college:

The library of the Dr Sirajul Islam medical college is a very important facility for the students, as they can acquire knowledge about the topics related to their study.

The library is an important place for the students to discuss their doubts and queries with other students and teachers.

The hostel of the Dr Sirajul Islam medical college is a place to live of the students in a very economical cost.

Academic Council is an important part of any educational institution which helps in maintaining discipline in the institution.

  • What is special about the college campus?

The college campus is more than just a place for students to live and learn. It’s an exciting, energetic, and breathtaking place with sights that are both beautiful and mysterious. The sense of community that is shared by the students and the teachers at such a small, tight-knit school is unlike anything you might find at a bigger university.

The architecture on campus is something that no other college has. The modern buildings are all sorts of shapes and sizes, some of them even have windows shaped like hexagons! There are some very old landmarks as well.

  • Conclusion: The best recommendation for MBBS in Bangladesh would be Dr Sirajul Islam medical college.The best recommendation for MBBS in Bangladesh would be Dr Sirajul Islam medical college. This college is situated in Dhaka and there are many good things about this college. First of all, the quality of teaching will be good because it is affiliated with University of Dhaka. The professors are well qualified and they have got PhD degree from different universities around the world. Moreover, the campus of this medical college is very beautiful and it is situated at the heart of the city. The dormitory facilities are also good and the hostel rooms are spacious. Moreover, there are sufficient numbers of hostel rooms so that every student will get his own room.

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