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Why you should study MBBS in MH Samorita Hospital and Medical College in Bangladesh?

Introduction of MH Samorita Hospital and Medical College:

We all know how densely populated Bangladesh is, with a population of around 160 million. In order to care for such a large number of people, the country’s health system has to be highly developed, with medical professionals working at different levels and in different fields. However, the fact that there are so many people makes the job harder for health workers. The government may not have enough funding for its own hospitals and may not be able to provide enough medical supplies for all of its patients.

In order to solve these problems, we would like to suggest that the country should consider privatizing its health system. Privatization could help alleviate shortages of supplies and personnel. Private companies can produce and distribute medical supplies more effectively than government-run agencies do. They can also hire more staff in order to meet demand from patients.

MH Samorita Hospital and Medical College was established in 2010 with the aim of providing high-quality healthcare to all—and it has been highly successful in doing so. They are a teaching hospital that trains interns and residents while providing treatment for both inpatients and outpatients. Thier motto is “Service with Excellence”. They want their patients to feel secure knowing that they are receiving top-notch treatment from their staff members.

What is the vision of admission for this college?

A college is an institute to hone the intellect of students, to prepare them for future. A college not only teaches about the subject but also about life, about ethics and responsibilities. The real education that students get from a college is not found in classrooms but outside it; how they interact with each other, how they form their study groups, how they meet their professors and interact with their peers. Teaching a student is not an easy task as it seems but there are some colleges that are excelling in this task by providing quality education and instilling good values among students.

A good example of such a college is the ‘MH Samorita Hospital and Medical College’ where students get admission to learn and practice for five long years and finally come out as physician who will serve the mankind with deep care and competence through his practice.

If you want to become a doctor then you must go through this institution because here you can learn everything starting from medical sciences to research work, practical work and also social work which will help you solving problems of mankind in future. This institution provides best possible opportunities to its students where they can learn not only theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge while at the same time they have fun. Students have ample opportunities to interact with seniors as well as junior doctors which help them to build a career in MBBS.

What facilities does this college provide?

The college has a well equipped library and a computer laboratory. The library has more than 30,000 books, national & international journals, newspapers and magazines. The students are provided with Internet facility to make use of the vast amount of information available on the net.

  • The college has two multi-purpose halls, one for indoor games and one for outdoor games. It also has a spacious gymnasium.
  • For extra-curricular activities there is a student’s common room, auditorium, and students’ canteen.
  • The college has three canteens for the use of its students and two hostels for boys and girls at affordable rates.
  • The college is surrounded by an atmosphere of peace with greenery all around it. The thickly wooded campus ensures that the surroundings are cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • The college caters to the needs of all round development of its students by providing facilities like indoor games, sports and physical education.
  • The college library provides reading facilities to all its members throughout the day as well as night through internet facility.

What is the aim of this college?

The vision and aim of this Medical College was to establish a center of excellence keeping its quality, cost and satisfaction of all stakeholders and with great respect to our cultures and values. This college has already traversed 7 years by winning these challenges. Now the college is gaining confidence to become capable of educating national and international students.

The College is providing education in Medicine (MBBS), Dentistry (BDS), Nursing (BN), Physiotherapy (BPT) and Pharmacy (MPharm). The college is approved by MCI, New Delhi.

The main objective of this institution is to provide affordable health care along with education, training and research facilities for students and the community at large. This institution is committed for a sustainable growth of the people in terms of good health through professional excellence & patient satisfaction as well as social & economic development of the backward area. The medical college will contribute towards human resource capacity building for the healthcare sector in India as well as internationally.

This institution endeavors to train and nurture professionals who are committed to serve humanity with high ethical values and scientific temper in addition to developing infrastructure that would enable it achieve its vision towards becoming a center of excellence in medical education, research, healthcare.


After all the information provided in this article, MH Samorita Hospital and Medical College becomes an ideal college for those who want to study MBBS in Bangladesh. It’s located in the capital city of Dhaka, also a great place to live. The campus is quite beautiful, with a lot of trees and green areas. It’s also one of the most prestigious medical colleges of the country. The university has been ranked as the second best medical college by the government of Bangladesh, after the top-ranked Medical College under University of Dhaka.

The university is one of few medical institutions that have received permission to admit foreign students. The admissions process is highly competitive, but it’s not too different from what other institutions do: applicants need to pass a primary level entrance exam, which is held simultaneously at different centers around Bangladesh. The most important part is that applicants need to be able to speak and write in English fluently, because classes are taught in this language.

In terms of academic performance and practical training, students get both in equal measure. They are taught by some of the best professors and lecturers in every subject they cover during their undergraduate years.

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