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The MBBS program in Belarus opens up new opportunities for MBBS students. Medical students from all over the world are attracted to Belarus by its excellent education system. India has a minimal number of available vacancies. However, countries such as Belarus have 70-80 000 vacancies for more than ten international medical professionals. High-quality professors provide students with the proper guidance to help them become successful doctors in the future. The MBBS program in Belarus lasts six years. NEET is required for students to be eligible to study MBBS in Belarus. To study MBBS in Belarus, you must not pass TOEFL and IELTS. Candidates must score 60% on the 10+2 exam. Some of the best medical schools in the world are located here. WHO, NMC FAIMER FAIMER, UNESCO, and ECFMG have approved all medical universities in Belarus. The MBBS programs in Belarus begin in September. Aspirants must start the admission process within two months. The admission process should be well understood by students. Indian students must pass the NMC screening exam to be allowed to practice in India once they have completed the course.


Why choose MBBS in Belarus

These points will motivate you to apply for MBBS admission in Belarus.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for MBBS in Belarus

Belarusian MBBS Study Program: Intake

  1. The year of MBBS Belarus starts in September.
  2. Candidates must start the admission process within two months.
  3. A reliable and experienced education consultant must contact the university at the best possible time for medical students.
  4. After completing the required information, the candidate can apply for admission to that university.
  • Resourceful Schools

Students worldwide choose Barbados’ medical universities for their exceptional infrastructure, technological advances, and highly qualified lecturers.

  • Study

The high-quality educational environment makes medical study in Barbados very cost-effective. The total cost of a stay and the living expenses often fall within the budget-friendly range.

  • Recognized University

The Barbados medical universities are listed in WDOMS and FAIMER. All central medical councils also recognize them.

  • Technically Equipped Training

The best technology-enabled learning methods are available at Barbados’ medical schools. Technology helps students stay current and relevant in their education.

Despite being a small country, Barbados is an excellent destination for international medical students looking to pursue MBBS degrees abroad. Many students come from different countries to enjoy the country’s low fees and high quality of life. These are some of the reasons Barbados is a popular destination for MBBS.

  1. As the country follows the U.S. curriculum and education system, the standard of education in the country is comparable to that in the U.S.
  2. Graduates from Barbados’ medical schools can participate in international seminars and conferences. This allows them to become successful doctors.
  3. The MBBS course in Barbados costs less than in the U.S., Korea, and Japan.
  4. Barbados’ Top Medical Universities offer top-quality education and highly-skilled staff.
  5. MCI recognizes the MBBS and other medical degrees from Barbados Medical University. Students from India can return to India and work there.

Recognition of Belarus Medical Universities

The: Recognizes Belarus Medical Universities

Belarusian MBBS Admission Documents

Admission to MBBS in Belarus

In Belarus, the admission process is divided into three stages.

  1. Counseling.
  2. Registration.
  3. Admission Confirmation

Students will need to take a zoom interview and an English test. The university will issue an acceptance letter once the students have passed these exams. The Ministry takes over 15 days to approve the application. The student will need to submit university fees and receive an invitation letter. We can also help with travel confirmation and VISA. We can help you arrange travel, including departure and arrival times. Additionally, we will inform you about the recipient at the airport.

Benefits of MBBS in Belarus

  1. Belarus has many medical universities that offer excellent opportunities for students in medicine to succeed in their field.
  2. Students from India get a lot of exposure when studying in Belarus for the MBBS degree. This enhances their personality.
  3. Students can learn and experience the best education in Belarus during their studies for MBBS.
  4. Many Indian students are studying in Belarus for MBBS, so Indian medical students will be able to adapt quickly.
  5. It is a great idea to study MBBS in Belarus from a placement perspective. Because they can adapt to any environment, recruiters will often prefer students who have studied abroad.
  6. Students in medicine will have the opportunity to meet people from different cultures around the globe.
  7. There are many options available for students to choose from, so they don’t have to worry about accommodation.

Important Dates for MBBS In Belarus

  1. The medical aspirant sets the deadline for submitting the application form. Some university candidates may apply up to 15 July, while others can apply until 15 August.
  2. The university takes approximately two weeks to issue an acceptance letter.
  3. The Ministry takes over a month to issue VISAs for the candidate.

Belarus MBBS Disadvantages

  1. Students need to be able to communicate and interact effectively in Russian and Belarusian.
  2. Students from India who have come to Belarus for their MBBS degree must also adjust to the changing weather conditions.
  3. Part-time work may not be possible for medical students because they must focus, concentrate and study thoroughly.
  4. Some students may feel homesick, while others might experience it as a problem with medical students.

Facts about Belarus

  1. Belarus’ official name is the Republic of Belarus.
  2. Minsk is the capital of Belarus, and it’s the largest city.
  3. Indian students pursue engineering and medical education.
  4. Belarus offers many opportunities to explore magnificent fortifications and Stalinist architecture.
  5. Minsk is the capital of Belarus.
  6. Belarus has two official languages: Russian and Belarusian.
  7. Winter temperatures are around -21°C and summer at 22.81°C.
  8. Belarusian Ruble (or Belarusian Ruble) is the currency used in Belarus.
  9. Belarus is approximate. India is 2.5 hours ahead of Belarus.