Kazakhstan is a country in Central Asia. Generally, the nation is a unified, fair, and protected republic with a diverse social history. It grants outskirts to Turkmenistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. Kazakhstan’s varied geography, which includes flatlands, steppe, shaking ravines, hills, deltas, snow-capped mountains, and deserts, makes it distinctive. For those choosing to pursue MBBS overseas, studying in Kazakhstan may be a suitable alternative. The key selling point is that Kazakhstan provides low-cost MBBS programs for students from all over the world. Before entering the workforce, students at Kazakhstan’s institutions get a lot of clinical experience to ensure positive practical exposure. Medical universities have highly qualified professors and staff. Several hospitals are linked. The accredited institutions in Kazakhstan provide a variety of amenities. Students from around the globe attend Kazakhstani universities that have received MCI approval. For very little money, Kazakhstan’s MBBS program is usually a good investment for Indian students.

The MBBS in KAZAKHSTAN is a very well-known course to all the medical aspirants as all top medical colleges in Kazakhstan is recognized by WHO, USMLE, IMED GMC, and MCI. Many well-known universities here are offering MBBS in KAZAKHSTAN for Indian Students to achieve their dreams. You can find one of the best MBBS Universities in Kazakhstan. More than 5,000 Indian students come here every year and more than 60, 000 medical students to get their medical degree. And that’s why Kazakhstan is the #1 national medical university. The medical college of Kazakhstan is undoubtedly a bright star in a sky full of medical colleges, and that’s why MBBS Admission in KAZAKHSTAN has become the 1st choice for most medical students. To Study Medicine, in Kazakhstan, you will need to obtain 50% in PCB. Don’t worry about the MBBS Fees in Georgia as it is at a very low price, which is a meager rate than other overpriced universities. We are here to provide you the best opportunity for your career. So, without any further adieu, make sure that you have chosen Medical Education in KAZAKHSTAN for your career. Best of luck in your career.


Kazakhstan is a fantastic place for students from all over the world to study medicine at any medical college. It’s an opportunity to make the most of your medical career achievement. As is well known, Kazakhstan is the top destination for medical students. Even though Kazakhstan has many universities, Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University is the most popular among students. It is regarded as Kazakhstan’s first medical school. The tuition cost structure is relatively reasonable to start with. The best teacher-to-student ratio is in Kazakhstan. Worldwide best practices created Kazakhstan’s MBBS curriculum. The degree is acknowledged on a global scale. Kazakhstan provides affordable, high-quality education. Kazakhstan’s medical schools have been included in the world directory. After finishing the MBBS program at a medical institution in Kazakhstan, students are qualified to practice anywhere around the globe. Kazakhstan’s medical colleges are well-equipped and use modern infrastructure and technology.


The nation has many colleges on its periphery and has relatively little exposure to clinical settings. Instead of using actual cadavers to teach anatomy, several universities employ dummies. When we think about getting actual knowledge, this is a delay. Due to the vast commission rates offered by these universities, most agents will attempt to get you to enroll by hiding the genuine nature of the institutions. These agents will have connections to these universities, and some may operate on a target-based system. Therefore, please exercise extreme caution if any agent attempts to persuade you to enroll in any MBBS institution in Kazakhstan. The nation has its medical education program. As a result, many students who have finished their education in Kazakhstan fail to pass the FMGE test. As a result, after earning their MBBS, students must study hard to prepare for their eligibility test.


The MBBS program is a well-known and highly sought-after one in Kazakhstan. The students who must go through their MBBS education Dreaming large is beautiful, but not every idea will travel an easy or uniform road. Students studying in Kazakhstan have access to the standard hostel room amenities. Every medical university in Kazakhstan offers 6–7 dormitories to international students. In the hostel, meals, lodging, and laundry are all provided. International students often choose university housing close to their school since it is less expensive and saves them time traveling. The hostel offers amenities for the students, such as furnished rooms with a bed, mattress, blanket, and bed sheet. The MBBS program is a well-known and highly sought-after one in Kazakhstan.


Score Required in 10+250% in PCB
NEET RequirementYES
Fees Structure3000 – 5500 USD Per Year
Hostel200 to 260 USD Per Month
Duration5 Years
Medium of InstructionEnglish
Top Medical UniversityKazakh National Medical University
RecognitionMCI and WHO approved


The candidates are offered various types of medical courses for MBBS Kazakhstan

  • Here, the candidates are provided with the facility of internship in the Government hospitals.
  • You will get the facility of 5 years of MBBS courses
  • There is a scope of getting MD course facility for 5 years
  • The candidates can study Dentistry course of 5 years
  • The medical colleges of Kazakhstan offer the pharmacy courses for 4 years
  • Here, you can go for medical research works


South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

Astana Medical University

Al Farabi Kazakh National University


Name of The UniversityTuition Fees / YearHostel Fees in / Year
South Kazakhstan Medical Academy4600 USD800 USD
Astana Medical University4100 USD600 USD
Al Farabi Kazakh National University3500 USD400 USD

Disclaimer: Study Europe Consultants cautiously affirm that the given amount of Tuition Fees is not volatile and subject to change without any prior intimation to the students. Also, the amount is in USD, not in Indian Rupees. To know the exact tuition fees, Hostel Fees, Living Cost and Exchange Value of USD in Indian Rupees, please contact our experts at Study Europe.


Doing MBBS from Kazakhstan is a dream of many young students who wish to do medical studies from renowned universities. Medical universities in Kazakhstan offer medical education to the students at fair and affordable prices is one of the most popular reasons among the students from all over the world to continue their studies in Kazakhstan.


South Kazakhstan Medical Academy is regarded as one of the leading medical universities in Kazakhstan and is known for its excellence in research labs having experienced highly qualified professors. South Kazakhstan Medical Academy aims at improving the quality of educational services for all the medical students thereby ensuring the improvement of the skills and knowledge and providing training at all levels.


South Kazakhstan Medical Academy is regarded as one of the leading medical universities in Kazakhstan and is known for its excellence in research labs having experienced highly qualified professors. South Kazakhstan Medical Academy aims at improving the quality of educational services for all the medical students thereby ensuring the improvement of the skills and knowledge and providing training at all levels.

LocationShymkent, Kazakhstan
Eligibility For Admission50% in PCB, NEET
Medium of InstructionEnglish
MBBS Fee (Total Cost)22500 USD / Rs. 1575000 (Approx.)
Deadline For Admission31st August, 2020


Al Farabi Kazakh National University has completed 85 years in excellence in the field of medicine and was established in 1934. Al Farabi Kazakh National University is one of the leading universities in Kazakhstan in non-profit higher education system and is one of the renowned universities in whole of Central Asia

LocationAlmaty, Kazakhstan
Eligibility For Admission50% in PCB, NEET
Medium of InstructionEnglish
MBBS Fee (Total Cost)22650 USD / Rs. 1585500 (Approx.)
Deadline For Admission31st August, 2020


Astana Medical University is considered to be one of the most dynamic and biggest medical universities in Kazakhstan. Astana Medical University is known for offering first-rate medical education in international curriculum and up-to-date prospectus. AMU came into existence in the year 1964 and has entered into National Medical Holding by Government of Republic of Kazakhstan.

LocationAstana, Kazakhstan
Eligibility For Admission50% in PCB, NEET
Medium of InstructionEnglish
MBBS Fee (Total Cost)18500 USD / Rs. 1295000 (Approx.)
Deadline For Admission31st August, 2020


  • The duration of MBBs courses in Kazakhstan is 5 years in whole
  • It will take 4 years to complete clinical studies in MBBS Courses in Kazakhstan
  • The candidates need to study for another 1 years for the internship


The medium of teaching is English in MBBS Kazakhstan.

  • The students are taught local languages also
  • It helps the students to communicate with the locals during the internship program


The admission intake in Kazakhstan is different based on different universities.

  • Generally, most of the universities closed their admission process of MBBS Courses in Kazakhstan within 15th of July
  • Therefore, it will be better for the MBBS seekers to apply MBBs admission within June
  • Generally, the classes of MBBS start from August to September in Medical education in Kazakhstan


Here are some eligibility criteria that the students have to satisfy for getting MBBs admission. It is very easy for the students to meet up the criteria set up by Kazakhstan universities.

  • The age of the candidates must be 17 years
  • The candidates must clear 10+2 examination
  • It is necessary for the medical aspirants to secure 50 % marks in the 12th examination
  • The subject combination should be Chemistry, Physics and Math for MBBS Seat in Kazakhstan
  • As per the requirements of Kazakhstan universities, the candidates must qualify NEET-UG
  • It is mandatory for the candidates to have valid passport to study Medicine in Kazakhstan
  • As per the rules of MCI, the ST/SC/OBC candidates need to score at least 40 % marks in the same


The candidates who are interested to take MBBS admission in Kazakhstan, needs to submit the required documents

  • The students need to submit the certificates of 10th and 12th mark sheet
  • The certificates of 10th and 12th are needed to be submitted
  • The candidates have to submit the photocopy of passport for MBBS Admission in Kazakhstan
  • 5 passport sizes photographs are required for getting MBBS admission
  • Police clearance certificate is needed for the submission
  • Bank statement is needed to be submitted to study Medicine in Kazakhstan
  • You need to carry student visa
  • No Objection Certificate is required for the submission


The admission procedure of Kazakhstan universities is quite easy to follow.  The candidates can easily follow all the steps for getting MBBS admission in this country. The following steps are given below:

  • At first, the medical aspirants have to fill the application form of the University
  • You have to fill up the form with correct details for MBBS Admission in Kazakhstan
  • Then, it is necessary to submit all the required documents to the International Students Department
  • The acceptance or the rejection of the application form totally depends on the university
  • In this step, the candidates will get the invitation letter for having MBBS Seat in Kazakhstan
  • After getting the admission letter, you can apply for student visa at Embassy of Kazakhstan
  • In this step, the candidates may get call from Embassy for an interview
  • In the meantime, you have to submit the enrolment fee
  • After getting your visa, the candidates can catch a flight for Kazakhstan


While you are asked to get MBBS admission in Kazakhstan then the matter of reliability comes first. You may think why you should choose this country? You can opt for other foreign universities? What are the reasons that playing major role in attracting many every year? Therefore, if you want to know the reason, you need to check below for this.

  • The international education system helps the candidates to get intense medical education
  • The cost of MBBS admission is affordable here
  • There are many medical experts to guide you in medical practices
  • All the universities of Kazakhstan offer various types of medical courses to the candidates
  • There are ample opportunities of making your medical career in MBBS Kazakhstan
  • The universities of this country is recognized by MCI, UNESCO
  • The teacher students ration in Kazakhstan is 1:10 here
  • The mode of teaching is English of MBBS from Kazakhstan
  • There is scope for learning new languages like Russian, Kazakh etc.
  • You do not have to give any language test here for MBBS studies in Kazakhstan
  • The renowned faculties guide the candidates to deal with the critical medical issues
  • The candidates are given the chance after 2nd year to practice in Government hospital
  • If you wish you can join private hospitals for medical practice
  • Here, there is scope for global exposure for the medical students
  • The brilliant candidates are given the scope of scholarship
  • The universities of Kazakhstan conduct many international conferences, exchange program for the students
  • You will get accommodation facility here to study Medicine in Kazakhstan
  • The well equipped laboratories help you for medical experiment
  • Recently Kazakhstan Education  Department introduce a credit course system for the earning of the candidates
  • The students can get back to home during the vacation time if you choose MBBS studies in Kazakhstan
  • Here, The Indian students will get the chance to have Indian cuisine
  • There is n need t worry safety as the local are very helpful by nature
  • Moreover in Kazakhstan there are many renowned professors to guide you in medical surgery.
  • There are many top-notch universities to provide intensive education to the candidates.
  • Apart from this, the implementation of the latest medical technology attracts numerous students from all over the world.
  • On the other hand, the most amazing fact is that you do not have to give any kind of examination.


The unique education system Study MBBS from Kazakhstan makes it different from others.

  • The medical college of Kazakhstan follow the tertiary education system
  • There are modern research laboratories in the universities to provide proper education to the medical candidates.
  • The universities of Kazakhstan follow the grading scale system.
  • In addition to this, the universities of Kazakhstan follow European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System.
  • The faculties follow the rules and regulation of the European Commission in MBBS from Kazakhstan
  • There are four levels of tertiary education in this country


Kazakhstan offers a comprehensive and outstanding option for students to continue their medical education. Because of this, Kazakhstan has become an important center for higher education for students, making it a popular alternative to other countries. The process of gaining admission to an MBBS program at one of Kazakhstan’s top medical colleges is relatively straightforward compared to those of universities in several other countries. The exceptional pedagogical practices used by Kazakhstan’s medical colleges have garnered widespread acclaim domestically and internationally. Because Kazakhstan maintains the international bar for medical education, clinical training in Kazakhstan is precious.