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Ranchi, Patna, Agartala and Guwahati, Manipur. Dates to be announced soon.


Ranchi, Patna, Agartala and Guwahati, Manipur. Dates to be announced soon. 

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Aviation Courses in Russia

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“If flight and airplanes is your passion, you have a broad spectrum to choose from.”

One of the more popular fields of study nowadays is aviation.

Many international students have been flocking to this degree path, in hopes of a career in the field of aviation. While the prospects are exciting, international students should ask themselves if a degree in aviation right for them.

Russia recently recognized the necessity of modernizing its Higher Education System. Students all over the globe come to Russia to study in Top Government Universities, as Russia offers all the necessary facilities to the students and enhance their experience. And when it comes to choosing the university in aviation, students and their parents are always worried for choosing a suitable destination.

Aviation is really a popular stream for higher studies these days. There was a time when aviation studies were popular in foreign countries, but the growth in the domestic aviation sector has leaded the Indian students to pursue this stream.

Aviation, is basically related to the activities surrounding mechanical work, ground staff movement and aircraft management. It basically involves the study of an Aircraft, its various parts and functions which include fixed-wing and rotary-wing types, morphable wings, wing-less lifting bodies etc. Aviation studies also include the study of hot-air balloons and airships.

The emergence of the term Aviation can be credited to the development of the hot air balloon in the 18th Century. In 1900, aviation was technologically revolutionized by the introduction of the jet which permitted a major form of transport throughout the world.

Seeing the popularity of aviation studies and its virtuous scope after the course completion, where on one hand more and more number of universities have taken the initiative to start Aviation studies in their well-established university. On the other hand, some universities have marked their presence just for this particular course.

Without any doubt, Aviation studies are highly sought after course, as it can be highly rewarding after its successful completion. In this section, you can gather awareness about the most prominent and top aviation universities across the world offering Aviation courses to local as well as International students.

Studying an aviation degree can mean anything from becoming a commercial pilot to constructing, designing or repairing airplanes, computer programming or air traffic control and in order to fulfil this dream of yours; you need to get a good qualitative training; for which Aviation in Russia is the best option.

Advantages that students will get in Russian Aviation Universities are as follows:

  • Comprehensive University Education
  • Optimum ratio of teacher to students in most Universities
  • English is used as a medium for instruction for the enrolled students
  • Comfortable and Well-Equipped dormitories
  • Indian Canteen is available in most of the Universities
  • Easy adaptation for International students
  • Practical training in University’s aircraft museums and fleets
  • Sports activities, traditional events annually
  • Most importantly, affordable tuition fee and living expenses
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