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Ranchi, Patna, Agartala and Guwahati, Manipur. Dates to be announced soon.


Ranchi, Patna, Agartala and Guwahati, Manipur. Dates to be announced soon. 

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Dream of every student to do MS in Germany no with Basanti Devi Online your dream will come in your budget and all the facilities for more details read on.

Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Porsche -dream names for every engineering student! Homeland-Germany!
Germany is the innovation superhighway for engineering, a journey which gives your career wings.
Studying MS in Germanyissought after because of its unique academic structure. Also, the practical exposure that an engineer gets here is unparalleled.
The good news is it is not only about automobile engineering. Read on!
  • German Universities Charges Low or No Tuition Fees: While deciding on Studying in Germany, the very first thing that comes to a students mind is the cost for their studies. As higher education is turning into a need, day by day it is becoming the need for high quality professional. We can see this by comparing the cost of a university which is increasing faster. Germany is considered as the top study destination for those universities who charge no tuition fees.
  • It is decided for the international students, who take admission in public university in Germany and will study free with no tuition fees.rn
  • Top-Ranked Universities: German universities are given high priority, globally with higher education standards. Whereas, some universities in German are ranked among the worlds best universities. The universities are given high value because of its quality of education, opportunities to improve academics during and after studies and most importantly, for the safe and friendly environment.rn
  • Travel on a Student visa: If you wish to study and live in German then it is the right time for you especially when you are a German citizen to take advantage of free entry. Study and work without any additional permits. In case, if you're not a European citizen and wish to study in Germany then you have to apply for a visa. Furthermore, if you are enrolled for summer school language programs; you have to apply for the student visa. This will allow you to stay in German for more than 90 days. Also, you can get the residency permit for living and moving in the country.rn
  • Countless Degree Courses: When you select your university you have countless degree option in different German universities. The country of Germany is well known industrialized country and has invested a lot in engineering universities. It is now given more value for engineering programs in German universities.rn
  • Globally recognized Study Programs: Study program in German universities offers modern programs with the best teaching methods. They design the latest scientific development for educated individuals who can confidently face the global challenges. Their educational plan depends on consistent arrangements and changes intending to discover or make complete ways to deal with instructing and research. At the end of the course, you will be certified with a degree which is valued globally.rn
  • Affordable cost of living: The cost of living in Germany is quite affordable for international student. The major concern is rent when you live in Germany that you have to tackle smartly. However, you have many options available for you, however, the rent varies with the location where you are living, overall it is not expensive. Try to ease your burden by sharing your room with 2 roommates that can help you cut half your expenses. Whereas, the costs of another thing like food, public transport, amenities are not so high.rn
  • Work Opportunities for International students: while studying in Germany you can work that will further help you with many things. In Germany, international students are allowed to work part-time while studying. Students are allowed to work for 20 hours a week or 120 hours full days a year. More than 60% of international students are working part-time while studying in Germany. There is no need for qualification as there are many jobs available for students like tutors, administrative staff, etc.rn
  • Learn a New language: Starting your studies to your employability learning Germany is very important for you. As soon as you enter in Germany you feel difficult while communicating with the Germans. Keep in mind to learn the language that can help you while living in Germany. Thus, by speaking the German language you're setting yourself for the best opportunities where they will come and offer you for the job.

Firstly, is full time MBA programs in Germany worth? Indeed. Secondly, which university is best for MBA in Germany? We don’t know! Seriously, Germany has no ranking system for MBA Germany university list or otherwise. In short, there is no concept of an ranking for universities in Germany MBA! There are options such as part time MBA in Germany or Executive MBA in Germany with few colleges. However, they need minimum of 5 years of experience.


The duration of an MBA degree in Germany is 2 years which is 1.4 years for lectures and the remaining 6 months are for the Masters thesis. German MBA schools generally prepares the students for the global markets and not only for the local ones.

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