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Dhaka National Medical College

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

Dhaka National Medical College is the public medical institution of Bangladesh which was founded back in the year of 1925. It is counted among the oldest medical colleges of Bangladesh.

It is affiliated from the University of Dhaka and offers a broad range of medical courses to the aspirants. The institution attracts the wide numbers of the aspirants from the neighboring countries, who want to study the medical courses such as MBBS etc.

In this article, we are basically going to discuss the MBBS from the Dhaka National Medical College. So, if you are looking forward to studying MBBS in this medical college then go through the entire article.

Courses Provided by Dhaka National Medical College

Well, as we have mentioned in the introduction section of this article that Dhaka National Medical College is among the oldest and the prominent medical colleges of Bangladesh.

No matter whatever kind of medical course you want to study in Bangladesh this medical college can offer it all to you. It has a broad range of the medical courses for the aspirants both the native and the International students as well.

Here are the top medical courses ordered by it.

  • MBBS
  • BDS
  • Nursing Program
  • Dentistry Program
  • Medical Diploma
  • Other Medical Master Program.
  • Pharmacy Programs etc.

MBBS Program of the Dhaka National Medical College

Well, MBBS is undoubtedly the most sought medical program of the Dhaka National Medical College in which the aspirants seek admission not only from Bangladesh but also from the other countries as well. The college offers the MBBS program with the duration of 5 years which is approved by the ministry of health and family from the Bangladesh Government.

The goal of the program is to make the eligible doctors who can deal with the diseases with the right skills, attitude, and knowledge. The course has been divided into the well-balanced schedule of the academic and the internship session, where the first 4 years are dedicated to the academic session and the last year is for the internship session.

Here is the major domain of studies which would be studied by the MBBS aspirants in the academic session.

  • Human Physiology & Biophysics
  • Radiotherapy
  • Orthopedics
  • General Medicine
  • Human Anatomy
  • Forensic Medicine along with Toxicity Studies
  • Dermatology and STD studies
  • General Medicine and Surgery etc.

These are the major domain of studies which are required to be studied by all the MBBS students in their academics.

Fee Structure

DESCRIPTION Fee In US$ Fee in INR(Approx)
Seat Reservation At the
time of Admission (Part
of Tuition Fee)
5000 US$ Rs. 350,000
Payment During
Admission Fee (1st Years)
25,000 US$ Rs. 17,50,000
Hostel Fee (1st Year) Hostel Fee included in
Hostel Fee included in
Total 1st Year 30,000 US$ Rs. 21,00,000
Tuition Fee From 2nd to
5th Years
  • 4800 US$ X 4 =
    19,200 US$
  • Rs. 336,000 X 4 =
Hostel Fee including food
(From 2nd to 5th Year)
1200 US$ X 4 =
4800 US$
Rs. 84,000 X 4 =
Rs. 336,000
Total Fee
1st to 5th Year
54,000 US$ Rs. 37,80,000

Facilities Provided by the Dhaka National Medical College

Well, if you are studying or going to study the MBBS program in the Dhaka National Medical College, then you don’t need to be worried about the basic facilities. All the students are provided with the basic facilities so that they don’t have to struggle due to the lack of basic facilities.

Here below we are listing down the major facilities which you will avail in this institution.

  • Basic hostel and the mess facilities
  • Sports ground and the gym facilities
  • Medical facilities on 24/7 hour basis.
  • Banking facilities on the campus.
  • Library with internet facilities.
  • Spacious lecture halls etc.

Scholarship by Dhaka National Medical College

If you belong to the poor section of the society and can’t afford the medical fee of Dhaka National Medical then the scholarship program of the college may help you. The scholarship program of the institution has been designed to help the deserving aspirants, who want to study the MBBS and become a doctor but their financial background doesn’t allow them.

We urge you to visit the campus of the Dhaka National Medical College in order to have more information about the scholarship program. There is not much data available on the internet about the scholarship program of the college.

Placement Opportunities of Dhaka National Medical College

Dhaka National Medical College of Bangladesh is a very decent choice for all the Asian MBBS aspirants, who want to study it at the best affordable prices. It is a decent medical institution which offers the modern medical infrastructure to all the aspirants.

Further, if we talk about the scope of MBBS from this medical college then the candidates would get the full value of their medical degree. It is approved by all the major medical bodies of the world such as MCI, UNESCO, WHO, etc.

Once you earn the medical degree from this medical institution then you can either work as a doctor or can start your own practice. We urge you to go ahead and take your admission into the University without any kind of fear.

Climate of Dhaka(Bangladesh) and the Contact Details of Dhaka National Medical College

Dhaka National Medical College is located in the region of Dhaka, and it is obvious that you will be spending the major time of yours in the region while studying. This is why you must make yourself aware of the climate of the region for your easy stay.

The climate of Dhaka is primarily hot, humid and of the wet nature which becomes dry also. The average annual temperature of the region is around 25 degrees, which may go beyond 30+ degrees easily in the summer and maybe below 10 degrees in the winter season.

If you belong to the Asian region then you will find a very similar climate in Dhaka. It won’t cause you any kind of significant changes in the climate to cope up and your stay in the region would be fine.

So, if you are having any other query regarding the Dhaka National Medical College, then here is the contact information of the admission officials. You can reach them out and raise your query to sort them out and go for the admission.

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